In Memory...


Deeds was a rescue kitty from the Humane Society and he picked to be his Mom, he stuck his paw out of the cage and caught my purse and just meowed to me, so he came home. The HS named him Mr. Deeds cause when he was found his tail was frostbit so he only had half a tail. He was a character, liked to run the show with our other mellow cat. Deeds knew how to pull on your heart strings so he got his own way a lot. All winter we would play fetch, he had a favorite toy that I would down the stairs and he would fly down and retrieve it then he would proudly prance up the stairs and drop it at my feet. He loved to be outside so I put both the cats out on a rope on my property, they were always tangled up so I had to keep an eye on them. People would walk by and be amazed at the cats laying around observing everything, I loved watching them play when the firefly's came out, the cats would be jumping all over to catch them. If you think you want to do this with your cat be sure to get a break away collar, in case they need to run. Sadly Deeds and Thor were laying out on my lawn when out of nowhere a pit bull attacked Deeds, my son finally got him away from the dog, he was terribly injured. We rushed him to the AEC and they were great, the Vet looked him over and said he was paralyzed beside all the internal injuries sadly we saw it best to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge, we stayed with him until he was gone. My son and I stayed with him for quite awhile it was hard to let him go and our other cat doesn't know what to do without him, he walks around and cries. I suppose in time he will get over his loss as we will also. The staff was so great and sympathetic to us. I received a sympathy card with notes from the Dr. and tech's there. They are wonderful and I can't thank them enough for helping us through such a traumatic time.

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