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12/10/15 - My Little Boy On December 2, 2015 my husband and I made one of the hardest decisions... (more)
12/10/15 - Beautiful Echo We rescued Echo and her sister nearly two years ago. Those two years... (more)
11/25/15 - Missing the sweet boy!!! We had to put our sweet boy down on the 15th of November and we are missing him sooooooooooooooo much. Because he passed on a Sunday we went to AEC. they were wonderful... (more)
11/22/15 - My best friend Duke was a seven and a half year old american bulldog. He wasn't just... (more)
11/20/15 - Curious Kaiser Words will fail me to really describe our wonderful, loving Kaiser... (more)
11/19/15 - My Gentle Bailey My best Friend Bailey, you gave me 14 years of love, I just wish... (more)