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04/11/18 - Mommy's little girl Our dog Lacey lived to be 19 years and 8 months. She lived so... (more)
03/30/18 - Our cherished boy Our cherished dog Lucky was very ill. AEC was 100 percent compassionate... (more)
03/16/18 - Molly The hardest thing I ever had to do was to let you go! We love you Molly!!... (more)
03/09/18 - Redtail hawk was your spi P.j. was a rescue I adopted around 3 years ago. He had... (more)
02/20/18 - Our Chezzy Our little man was the joy in our hearts. Everyone loved Sanchez! He... (more)
01/22/18 - We miss you lilly Lilly was my daughter dog that she has been wanting from her nana... (more)