Animal Care – Dogs and Cats

Electrocution - Rabbits and young pups are sometimes found to have chewed through an electrical cord resulting... (more)
Over the Counter Medications - Many human medications are not safe to use in your pet. Some of the most commonly... (more)
Active Bleeding - Should your pet become injured and start to bleed, apply a clean cloth to the sight of bleeding... (more)
Vomiting - If your pet vomits once or twice during the day, food and water should be withheld from your pet for... (more)
Ocular Foreign Body or Scratch - Eye issues are always emergencies, requiring immediate veterinary care. Should... (more)
Difficulty Breathing - If your pet develops difficulty breathing, carefully open its mouth and look for any foreign... (more)
Hit by Moving Vehicle - If your pet is hit by a moving vehicle seek immediate veterinary care. Should active bleeding... (more)