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09/19/17 - AEC Novi

Sasha had amazing care right from the beginning. I called at 3am due to Sasha having problems breathing. Right from the get go, the staff was concerned and advised me to bring her in. They diagnosed her and we were provided with treatment options and estimates. We ended up having to bring her back in to stay inpatient overnight due to not getting better without treatment. Everyone was very helpful with explaining what was going on, checked in regularly so.we knew how she was doing, and even allowed us to come see her in the middle of the day. They gave us real comparisons to personal pets, and made sure Sasha showed real improvement before discharging her home to us. They answered all of our questions and we're timely, patient, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them Everytime in an emergency, and Sasha and her parents are very grateful to all the staff that helped her out. - Sasha's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0