Customer Survey Scores and Comments

AEC thanks the clients below for their feedback and comments. If you would like to leave a comment or upload a photo of your pet, please click here for our customer survey.

10/15/15 - I usually don't participate in too many online reviews but after the reviews I read... (more)
10/14/15 - When my Eloise was sick, you helped her. My poor baby didn't make it, but the service I received had me telling everyone how amazing you were! Everyone was so caring and sweet and it made the... (more)
10/14/15 - Thank u so very much for everything u've done and for helping make Lance's transition... (more)
10/12/15 - Thank you very much for taking care of our buddy Hank Sunday night. He was so nervous while there, but the staff handled him perfectly, making him feel as comfortable as possible while treating... (more)
10/06/15 - I thank you all very much for helping my little girl, she is so special. One day... (more)
08/31/15 - Lily presented with normal blood work and she was obviously sick. X-rays normal, ultrasound normal. They gave her fluids and sent us home to see how she would do. The next day she was worse... (more)